amputation can be divided into different levels .they are defined by the level of amputation . amputation levels are differentiated as follows 

There Are Many Different Amputation Levels In The Hand. They Range From A Digit Or Finger Amputation, To A Metacarpal Amputation Through The Bones Of The Hand.

 Paralysis Is Loss Of Muscle Function For One Or More Muscles. Paralysis Can Be Accompanied By A Loss Of Feeling (Sensory Loss) .



lower prosetheses

lower Prostheses

Above Elbow Amputation

Upper Prostheses

paralysis device

Paralysis Device

lower orthotics

Lower Orthotics

shoulder support

Upper Orthotics

dorsolumbar brace

Spine Orthotics

pediatric hip abduction

pediatric Orthotics

Wheel Chairs

Diabetic Shoes

Silicones products


The Prosthetics ….. Normal Life

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