above elbow amputation – prosthetic arm

We offer you the best prosthetic arm , prosthetic limbs above the elbow with the lowest costs and the highest quality. Al Fadl Medical Company rehabilitates prosthetic prostheses after prosthetic surgery. Al Fadl medical is the No.1 Company in the manufacture and installation of artificial limbs and prosthetic devices in Egypt and the Arab world. We also offer the best prices of industrial parties in Egypt and the Arab world.

There are many types of artificial limbs and prosthetic arm above the elbow depending on the place of amputation. There is a static prosthetic prosthesis made of medical silicone, Artificial hand with a limb provided with artificial intelligence, making it work through the nerve signals, simulating a real upper limb, very suitable and natural for daily functions. And in the following, we will be discussing all the types.

As for industries, there are artificial limbs prosthetic arm above the elbow from different countries of origin at different prices and quality, such as artificial limbs of the company Otto Bock German and many outstanding companies in Turkey, Russia, America, China, and Egypt. We offer you in the medical credit through specialists who have authenticated german certificates to help you choose the most suitable prosthesis based on your condition.

The Above Elbow Amputation, prosthetic arm, artificial limb consists of:

  • Socket (hollow part for amputation) Plastic Resin.

  • An artificial elbow provided with an arm, either mechanical or electronic movement.

  • A suitable palm, either fixed or moving by ligaments or electronic movement through electrical pulses or nerve signals of the human body, you can use the artificial limbs in the normal life in the daily eating, drinking and moving things and even writing in some artificial limbs.

  • the color of the silicon is similar to skin color, giving it a very natural look as if it was a real hand.

Above Elbow Prosthetics

Instructions and tips after amputation in upper limbs:

  • Immediately after amputation, the wound and bandage should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid swelling – swelling of the amputation.
  • don’t give up or get frustrated, but try to get on moving and use the different means to help you get up, such as crisps and walkers, till you become able to use the artificial limb.
  • Gently massage the amputation place – this will help you become familiar with the sensation of the limb.
  • you must learn how to change your own dressing yourself.
  • You should do joint exercises in order not to get any spastic muscles.
  • Make your logo “help yourself” and don’t rely too much on others.

There Are Many Different Amputation Levels In The Hand. They Range From A Digit Or Finger Amputation, To A Metacarpal Amputation Through The Bones Of The Hand.

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