In order to ensure your comfort and provide all levels to suit your presence, you will find we have all kinds of orthopedic devices


Orthopedic spine specialist: identifying the problem when discovering the problem
Physiotherapist: case-specific exercises
Orthopedic specialist: design and installation of the orthodontic device and follow-up of the treatment plan

Cervical vertebrae: 7 vertebrae
Thoracic vertebrae: 12 vertebrae
Lumbar vertebrae: 5 vertebrae
Sacral vertebrae: 5 vertebrae

  • Kyphosis: It is a curvature of the back or a stubby, which is an increase in the forward curvature of the back in the area under the shoulderschiropractic 1
  • Lordosis: an increase in the back curvature in the area above the pelvischiropractic 3
  • Spondylolisthesis: It is a slippage of the vertebrae, in which one of the vertebrae slips over the vertebra below
  • Vertebral Wedging Deformity: occurs as a result of the change in the form of the paragraph and the increase in pressure on itمن جهة واحدة chiropractic 5
  • Scoliosis: Scoliosis or lateral tilt of the spine, which is our main topicchiropractic 7
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scoliosis types

Indications for the presence of scoliosis: It is very important in early detection

chiropractic 9

Treatment methods: According to the degree of the angle, the steps taken are as follows

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by experts in their field

To be able to use the paralysis device in your daily life normally

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Your best choice for lower limb prostheses.

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international trademarks

The best brands on the market for prosthetics and orthotics.

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One of the leading manufacturers of high quality prosthetics and orthotics with European MDR (Medical Devices Regulation Regulation) certification.

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Get training with our experts and count on using your own prosthesis. With a multi-experienced team of more than 40 years in the field of prosthetics.

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We offer a home visit to choose the best prosthetics that suits you

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