Paralysis devices and polio

Paralysis devices and polio

In order to ensure your comfort and provide all levels to suit your presence, you will find we have all kinds of paralysis and polio devices that suit your needs

Paralysis devices and polio

Paralysis occurs when you are unable to make voluntary muscle movements, due to an injury to the nervous system.

Nerves send signals to the muscles, these signals make the muscles contract or relax and move the joint, when the nervous system is affected, this affects part of the motor system.

Spinal defects during pregnancy such as spina bifida - stroke - autoimmune diseases - and other brain and spinal injuries

If you are paralyzed, you are partially or completely unable to move the affected parts of the body, paralysis may be accompanied by loss of sensation depending on the location of the injury, strokes and spinal cord injuries cause sudden paralysis, some medical conditions can cause progressive paralysis, you may experience: Persistent loss of feeling and control of muscles Muscle cramps Tingling or numbness in the extremities

Appropriate treatment of neuromuscular problems

Physical and occupational therapy and exercises appropriate for each case

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At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by experts in their field

To be able to use the paralysis device in your daily life normally

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