Diabetics Shoes

Diabetic Shoes

  • shoe with Velcro closures to the toes, for use when a patient is unable to wear a normal shoe.


  • Diabetes and Diabetic Ulcers.
  • Arthritis.
  • Foot Anomalies such as Corns, Bunions. Hammer toes, Neuromas, Poor foot circulation.
Diabetic Shoes
Wedge Healing Shoes

Wedge Healing Shoes

  • Used to protect the front part of the diabetic foot and by avoiding pressure on it.

    It is also used for the cases of diabetic foot ulcers in the instep area, and is also used after surgical operations in this region.

Flat Foot Shoes

  • perfect distribution of body weight during the move shoes.

  • Soft and non-Upper area eases pressure on the foot.

  • Seam-free, soft interior with extra foam padding eases pressure and enhances comfort.

Diabetic Shoes
Off Loading Insole

Off Loading Insole

  • Off-load the plantar aspect of the foot to Relief pain.

  • Insole System features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis that effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.


  • Wound Care.

  • treatment of diabetic ulcers used with diabetic shoe and Walking boot.

Other Protective And Medical Shoes

There are other types of medical shoes incalculable to deal with many problems such as treatment of minors is a difference between the two men, with treatment of the arched feet, with treatment of the rotation or deviation feet

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