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1. Which is better, the French type or the German type? Why?

The two types have the same quality and the same European standard specifications, but the French type is characterized by the following:

The French PROTEOR factory is located in France, not in China, which guarantees the highest international standards for product quality
The French components are based on high quality materials with light weight without affecting the price, which distinguishes the French type at an economical price while maintaining high quality.
High warranty on most products, up to 3 years

2. Am I the one who chooses the type of party, or the engineer or technician?

The choice of the prosthesis depends on two main factors:

The first factor is the technical factor, which is related to general health, weight, age, level of muscular activity, and the nature of daily habits … which is determined and evaluated by the technician and on the basis of which he chooses the correct specifications.

The second factor is the material factor, which is definitely determined by the customer.

3. The Chinese party is good or there are problems?

Unfortunately, the quality of the Chinese product in the Egyptian market is often not good, so we recommend it only for low-moving cases and weighing less than 100 kg.

4. Do you have physical therapy or rehabilitation on the limb only?

Yes, we deal with physiotherapy centers that we trust in their expertise and concern for our valued customers.

5. Need photos or videos of all available types and price?

Al-Fadl Medical Company has by numbers the best YouTube channel with educational videos and videos containing most types of prosthetics,

We are pleased to visit you by clicking on this link

6. Do you have branches in Upper Egypt?

Our people in Upper Egypt have a standing with Al-Fadl Medical, so we conduct campaigns and home visits to all Upper Egypt governorates to take measurements and final delivery. We also have a plan to open a branch in Upper Egypt.

7. The fixed foot is better or the moving one?

We recommend you to watch the following videos:

The cornerstone of your choice of prosthesis (Mobility)

Know more about the prosthetic foot, its types and advantages

8. What is the difference between hydraulic and normal knee?

We recommend you to watch the following videos:

The cornerstone of your choice of prosthesis (Mobility)

Knee types for prosthetics: fixed and movable knee, hydraulic knee, electronic knee

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