Know the best artificial limbs of the foot and after the diabetic foot amputation of the best quality and prices. Al-Fadl Medical offers the latest prosthetic devices for the foot, amputation of the toe, diabetic foot and amputation of the ankle joint.

The artificial limbs of the foot vary according to the location of the amputation:

  • If amputation at the metatarsal and heel is present we install a complementary feet with skin color made of silicon , which is characterized by a natural-like foot with flexibility and ease of use. It can be used after amputation of the diabetic foot or amputation in that place for any other reason.
اطراف صناعية لبتر مشط القدم
اصبع القدم - Foot Amputation - toe amputation
  • However, if the amputation of the foot so that the heel area becomes very small in this case, a short Chopar limb is made of reinforced skin or eyelashes to strengthen the ankle area and relieve the pressure on the heel with the completion of the amputated part with a suitable foot.
2 amputation from foot 1 - Foot Amputation - toe amputation
بتر القدم السكري
  • In case of an amputation of the ankle joint and the absence of the heel of the foot, an artificial limb is performed on the knee for the impossibility or difficulty of loading at the end of the amputation, which causes no use of the artificial limb, but using an artificial prosthesis on the knee, the person can use it naturally.
3 amputation below knee
Symes Prosthesis
طرف صناعى لبتر جزئي من مشط القدم symes افضل طرف صناعى المانى خفيف الوزن| شاهد قبل و بعد
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Instructions and Tips After Amputation:

  • Immediately after amputation, the wound and bandage should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid  swelling of the amputation.
  • don’t give up or get frustrated, but try to get on moving and use the different means to help you get up, such as crisps and walkers, till you become able to use the artificial limb.
  • Gently massage the place of amputation -- this will help you become familiar with the sensation of your new leg.
  • Do not sit for a long time and your leg is down, but you should lift your leg at a horizontal level at rest.
  • you must learn how to change your own dressing yourself.
  • you should do exercises for knees and hips, in order not to get any spastic muscles.
  • Make your logo “help yourself” and don’t rely too much on others.

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