Al Fadl Medical has all kinds of foot and ankle support. to treat various pains in the foot & ankle & treatment of drop foot, torsion & ankle fractures at the best prices in Egypt, quality & different types. Foot Ankle Splint, Ankle support, Gel ankle for the treatment of ankle sprain, Air Walker, Cam Walker.


AFO – Ankle Foot Orthosis

  • Limits plantar flexion

  • Allows a limited amount of dorsiflexion

  • helps to control foot posture during rest.

  • Immobilising the ankle and foot is useful in cases of sprains and fracture rehabilitation by eliminating excessive movement and stabilising the ankle during rest.

AFO types:

  • Ankle foot splint inside foot.

  • Ankle foot splint outside foot.

  • Night Splint.

جبيرة سقوط القدم الليلية

Ankle Support

  • It is used to relieve pain, ankle inflammation, ruptures and minor infections.

Ankle Gel And Air

  • rigid thermoplastic shells with adjustable heel strap to help prevent inversion /eversion.

  • The gel bladder of the Gel Ankle Brace may be used for cold therapy to treat tender or swollen ankles.

  • it is suitable to use from acute to active phases of ankle recovery and rehabilitation.


Air/ Cam Walker

to relieve load (weight) on the ankle and foot area or to stabilize the ankle joint in cases of rupture of ankle tendons and in cases of ankle and foot fractures and Charcot foot cases, of which there are several types:

  • Cam Walker : It is the standard type

  • Air Walker: fills air around the foot.

  • air/cam adj. Walker: The angle of the ankle joint is adjusted so that the starting angle can be set by placing the foot in the landing angle and gradually changing over time to 90 degrees.

حذاء اير ووكر

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