Knee Orthosis

Knee Orthosis

Al Fadl Medical Co. For prosthetic and prosthetic devices offers a wide range of prices and types of medical knee bolts and supports – plastic swing – support hinged knee brace – knee fixation and more.

Knee Support

  • Used in cases of knee stiffness, knee pain relief, and stress reduction.

hinged knee support
knee support
knee Immobilizer Brace

Immobilizer Brace

  • Used in knee stabilization for patellar dislocation.

  • Knee ligament injury.

  • Acute knee pain.

  • It is also used for muscle stiffness in the knee area.

Hinged Knee Support

  • Used to reduce weight on the knee in cases of knee instability and prevent twisting movements.

  • It is also used after knee operations during rehabilitation.

hinged knee support
Adj. Hinged Knee Brace

Adj. Hinged Knee Brace

  • It is used in the cases of severe dislocation or fracture in the knee area where the degree of flexion of the knee joint is gradually controlled (from 0 to 120 degrees).

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