Partial – Full Foot Prosthetics

Partial – Full Foot Prosthetics

The type and function of the limb varies with the location of the amputation:
The different levels of amputation in the lower extremity

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Toe amputation

Amputation of a joint in one of the joints between the toes (a cosmetic silicone tip, maintaining balance while standing or walking)

Foot Amputation – toe amputation 1
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 1

Metatarsal amputation

partial amputation of the foot through the metatarsal (a cosmetic silicone tip or in-shoe accessory, maintaining balance while standing or walking)

Lisfranc amputation

Amputation of the forefoot at the carpal metacarpal line (a cosmetic silicone tip, a light and flexible leather tip, or an in-shoe accessory, maintaining balance while standing or walking)

Foot Amputation – toe amputation 5
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 7

Mid-heel amputation (Chubart)

Amputation of the forefoot at the metacarpal line (a reinforced tip to support the heel area so that it does not turn back and to reduce the load on the heel while standing or walking)

Ankle joint dislocation (Sims amputation)

Amputation of the ankle joint (mostly the end is long to reach the bottom of the knee to load on the knee due to the difficulty of loading at the end of the amputation)

Foot Amputation – toe amputation 9

The prosthetics of the foot vary according to the location of the amputation:

  • If amputation at the metatarsal and heel is present, we install a complementary partial foot prosthesis with skin color made of silicon, which is characterized by a natural-like foot with flexibility and ease of use. It can be used after amputation of the diabetic foot or amputation in that place for any other reason.
  • However, if the amputation of the foot so that the heel area becomes very small in this case, a short Chopar limb or sach foot prosthesis is made of reinforced skin or eyelashes to strengthen the ankle area and relieve the pressure on the heel with the completion of the amputated part with a suitable foot.
  • In case of an amputation of the ankle joint and the absence of the heel of the foot, an prosthesis limb is performed on the knee for the impossibility or difficulty of loading at the end of the amputation, which causes no use of the prosthesis, but using an prosthesis on the knee, the person can use it naturally.

What Are the Factors That Determine Which Type of Prosthetic leg – Above Knee Amputation to Use?


Place Of Amputation

The amputation area must be healed until a prosthesis can be fitted, and it usually takes between 10 days for the amputation to take place.



Age is an important factor in determining the prosthetic limb, usually it starts from 4 years old.

Foot Amputation – toe amputation 13


The weight should not exceed 110kg as it can affect you badly when using the prosthesis. Weight is only considered for lower prosthesis

Foot Amputation – toe amputation 15

Prosthetic type

You can choose from two types of prosthetics, either fixed or electronic, but not every area has the option of two types.



One of the important factors in determining whether you can get a prosthetic or not is to have the ability and desire for having one and if you’re trained enough to be able to use one or not.

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by our trained professionals.

To use prosthesis and get trained to use them in your everyday life. 

Explanation of caring for the place of amputation from Al-Fadl Medical

What You Need!

What Do You Need to Do After Shoulder Distraction Amputation?

Immediately after amputation, the wound should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid swelling of the amputation.

You should wash the area at least once a day and more frequently in hot weather.

Gently massage the place of amputation – this will help you become familiar with the sensation of an artificial limb.

You should be able to teach yourself how to change your own dressing.

You should do exercises for the area, so you don’t strain your muscles.

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Foot Amputation – toe amputation 19
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 21
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 23
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 25
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 27
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 29
Foot Amputation – toe amputation 31
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