Paralysis and polio devices

Paralysis and polio devices

Paralysis and polio devices are used in cases of paralysis of the lower extremity, as in the case of polio, muscle weakness and atrophy, or spinal cord injury, because in these cases the affected party cannot carry the patient, so the device consists of two long supports on both sides of the affected limb with a knee joint To bend when sitting to load the patient’s body on them, and the ligaments that hold the limb between the two supports are PP or iron strips that are lined according to the type of user and does not cause any allergies or ulcers

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Causes of lower hemiplegia

Al-Fadl Company has various types of paralysis devices, including

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Advice for paralyzed and paralyzed children

The polio devices consist of the following

  • The knee joint is either annular or swiss-lock.
  • Steel or aluminum brackets.
  • Thermoplastic polypropylene collars or lined iron strips.
  • A pelvic joint is made with a waist belt in case of problems in the pelvic area.
  • The ankle joint can be fixed or movable, depending on the situation.

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