Knee joint prosthesis

Knee joint prosthesis

In order to ensure your comfort and provide all levels to suit your presence, you will find all types of prosthetic limbs (French – German – Turkish – Chinese – local)


The prosthetic limbs are industries that are characterized by permanent and continuous development, and in order to keep pace with everything new, we always strive for continuous development to serve our customers, as we provide all support and care starting from after the operation to follow-up for life after receiving the prosthesis to provide our customers with everything new to provide the best real fit for the industrial side

The stages of rehabilitation and installation of the prosthesis differ for those who use the prosthesis for the first time, or for those who use a prosthesis and want an alternative party, there will always be someone who follows up with you step by step each stage of training and rehabilitation to connect the right pattern to your normal life

During surgery, the wound will be closed with stitches or staples. A type of compression bandage is used. This bandage is used to absorb moisture, protect the wound that heals, and control swelling. The amputation must be kept dry while showering. Follow up with the surgical team who will provide you with appropriate instructions.

One of the most important goals of rehabilitation after amputation is the following:

  • Activate the muscles and prevent their atrophy through exercises and motor exercises and not to give in to the wheelchair and this is done by following up with the physiotherapist
  • To prevent amputation swelling, a compression bandage or a compression drink must be used to maintain the amputation’s normal size, while maintaining the correct sitting position such as straightening the knee while sitting (in the event of an amputation from below the knee)

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    In the event of an amputation above the knee, always keep while sleeping or standing, bringing the amputation to the side of the healthy leg, without bending the amputation forward.ثنىالبتر للامام Knee joint prosthesis 3.
  • Sensory rehabilitation, by continuous care of the amputation from personal care and the use of appropriate moisturizers and creams, as well as a simple soft massage for the entire amputation
  • Psychological support: Have complete confidence in your ability to overcome this obstacle, every person throughout his life goes through different crises and all crises pass and life does not stop there, so be confident in your ability that you can overcome this matter.
  • Start from now on collecting information about prosthetics, their types and what is right for you - #I know - and take advantage of the recovery period before installing the prosthetic limb
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What causes amputation of the knee joint?

Prices for a prosthetic knee joint?

We offer high quality prosthetics from international brands such as

أنواع الركبة الطبية

Types of prosthetics above the knee

In the event that the amputation is directly above the knee, the problem is that the knee of the device is longer than the knee of the healthy leg, so a prosthesis is installed above the knee, and the knee used in the device is designed so that the axis of the knee is very close to the socket, or the knee of the prosthesis is replaced with side hinges.

Components of the above-knee prosthesis

What factors determine the type of lower limb prosthesis to be used?

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The weight should not exceed 110 kg as it can affect you badly when using the prosthesis. Weight is taken into account only for lower limb prostheses


the age

Age is an important factor in determining the prosthesis, usually starting from the age of 4 years.


place of amputation

The amputation area must heal so that a prosthesis can be fitted, and it usually takes between 10 days for the amputation to take place.



An important factor in deciding whether or not you can get a prosthesis is whether you have the ability and desire to have a prosthesis and whether or not you are trained enough to be able to use it.

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Prosthesis type

You can choose from two types of prostheses, either fixed or electronic, but it is not possible to choose for both types in the same amputation area.

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by experts in their field

To be able to use the paralysis device in your daily life normally

Explanation of the care of the amputation site from Al-Fadl Medical

What do you need?

What should you do after amputation?

Immediately after amputation, the wound should be covered with a compression belt to avoid swelling of the amputation.

You should wash the affected area at least once a day and more frequently in hot weather.

Gently massage the amputation site – this will help you get a feel for the prosthesis.

You should be able to teach yourself how to change your bandage.

You should perform exercises for the amputated area, so as not to strain your muscles.

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