Prosthetic and Artificial Legs Above Knee 3

Prosthetic and Artificial Legs Above Knee

 Al Fadl offers a wide range of the best artificial legs for Above Knee amputation in the Egyptian market for clients including the famous French brand PROTEOR for prosthetics and orthotics.

What Causes Above Knee Amputation?

  • Leg injury due accidents 
  • Types of different Paralysis
  • Bone Cancer 
  • Severe burns in the legs area
Artificial Legs Above Knee
Artificial Legs Above Knee

types of above knee prosthesis

  • dynamic motion Knee.
  • hydrolytic Knee.
  • Non-Movable Knee With Shuter lock.

Prosthetic Legs Above Knee Cost

we offer high quality prosthetics from famous brand like Ottobock, Proteor, Metiz, … etc

Above knee prosthesis prices in Egypt ranges from 8500 to190000 EGP.

احدث انواع الاطراف الصناعية فوق الركبة الالمانية - انواع الركبة المتحركة و الثابتة - الفضل ميديكال
types of above knee prosthesis

Artificial Legs Above Knee Made of:

  • Outer Socket (For amputation part) made of Plastic Resin or Carbon Fiber.
  • Hip joint is either flexible or fixed to move
  • Bendable locked knees or multi dynamic knee
  • Fixed foot SACH-Solid Ankle Cushion Heel.
  • Multi direction foot
  • One direction foot
Artificial Legs Above Knee
Artificial Legs Above Knee

What Are the Factors That Determine Which Type of Prosthetic leg – Above Knee Amputation to Use?

  • Place Of Amputation: The amputation area must be healed until a prosthesis can be fitted, and it usually takes between 10 days for the amputation to take place.
  • Age:  Age is an important factor in determining the prosthetic limb, usually, it starts from 4 years old. 
  • Weight: The weight should not exceed 110kg as it can affect you badly when using the artificial limb, however, this is only measured for the lowered limbs prosthetics.
  • Prosthetic type: You can choose from two types of prosthetics, either fixed or electronic, but not every area has the option of two types. 
  • Ability: One of the important factors in determining whether you can get a prosthetic or not is to have the ability and desire for having one and if you’ve trained enough to be able to use one or not.

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by our trained professionals to use artificial limbs and get trained to use them in your everyday life. 

How to take Care for Prosthetic leg – Above Knee Amputation?

There are different ways to care for amputation:

التأهيل بعد عملية البتر و اختيار الطرف الصناعى الافضل لك
Explanation of caring for the place of amputation from Al-Fadl Medical
Coverage: Immediately after amputation, the wound should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid swelling of the amputation.
Wash Frequently: You should wash the area at least once a day and more frequently in hot weather.
Massage The Area: Gently massage the place of amputation – this will help you become familiar with the sensation of an artificial limb.
Self-Dependence: You should be able to teach yourself how to change your own dressing.
Exercise: You should do exercises for the area, so you don’t strain your muscles.

Why Is Al Fadl Medical Your Best Choice for Artificial Legs Above Knee?

  • ✅ The best brands in the market for prosthetics and orthotics.
  • ✅ We’re pleased to present to you PROTEOR company: One of the leading manufacturers of high-quality prosthetics and orthotics with MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) Certified European.
  • ✅ We guarantee you the best quality for a reasonable price. 
  • ✅ We offer a home visit to choose best prosthetic leg above knee for you.
  • ✅ Get trained with our certified specialist to use your artificial limb 
  • ✅ High Maintenance after usage 

Rest assured with Al Fadl medical we care about helping you to make your life easier.
For inquiries or booking please call us on 0109440233001000279354
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