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Hip Orthosis

Al Fadl offers a wide range of the best Hip Orthosis in the Egyptian market for clients.

When are Hip Orthosis Used?

Pelvic joint splints are usually used after surgery in the pelvic area or pain in the thigh area.

Types of Hip Orthosis?

There are two types of pelvic joint splints

Hip Support

The hip support is used to relieve the stress of the thigh muscle, and it also works to provide warmth to the thigh bones and relieve hip pain when suffering from arthritis.

Hip Support Benefits

  • Treats pelvic fractures
  • Treats bruises in the groin area
  • Relieves stress in the groin area
  • pelvic joint fixation
Hip orthetics
Hip Support

 Hip Abduction Brace

It is used to stabilize and straighten the pelvic bone. and can also be used after surgeries for the pelvic joint or in the case of hip dislocation.

Hip Abduction Brace Benefits

  • Maintain pelvic and thigh muscle in its place
  • Used for rehabilitation after surgery
  • Reduce movement in the groin area until recovery is complete
Hip braces
Hip Abduction Brace

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