Medical plastic splints for legs 3

Medical plastic splints for legs

Al Fadl offers a wide range of the best medical plastic splints for legs.

When to Use Medical plastic splints for legs?

Medical plastic splints for the legs are used in emergency cases and first aid. It can mobilize the broken limb in a temporary way until the necessary measures are taken.

Which Cases Need to Use Medical Plastic Splints?

  • Orthopedic pain such as: legs, hand, spine
  • Helps in cases of torn ligaments in the legs
  • Diabetic foot treatment
  • Contributes to bone stabilization in cases of fractures

Types of Medical Plastic Splints for Legs?

There are many types of Orthoses depending on the place of the injury.

PTB Brace

Used in cases of tibia and fibula fractures and diabetic foot cases, allows for knee bending.

PTB Brace Benefits?

  • Increase blood flow
  • Permits joint mobility
  • Allow for early return of daily activity
  • Allow ease of movement to the legs and knees
PTB Brace
PTB Brace

 Tibia Fracture Brace

A protective device used for the lower legs to heal broken bones and adjust the alignments of the bone in the lower legs

 Tibia Fracture Brace Benefits

  • Can be used for multiple ankle injuries
  • Reduce ankle flexion
  • Can be used for sports activities
 Tibia Fracture Brace
 Tibia Fracture Brace

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