Medical shoes and its supplies 3

Medical shoes and its supplies

Medical shoes provide you with complete comfort during walking and movement and are used in cases of foot pain, heels, fingers or knees to provide the necessary comfort during movement and not feel pain. Types of medical shoes with the best materials and the best prices in Egypt and the Arab world.

Types of medical shoes and what they are used for

Al Fadl Medical provides many types of medical shoes to treat many problems

diabetic foot shoes

It is used for patients with ulcers for diabetic foot patients caused by loss of sense of touch or pressure

لمعرفة المزيد من انواع احذية القدم السكري

احذية القدم السكري
diabetic foot shoes

There are medical shoes to treat other foot problems

  • Shoes for the short difference between the legs: They are used to treat the difference in length between the legs and to walk better 
  • Shoes for treating bow-footed children: It helps In the treatment of bowing and walking normally 
  •  Shoes to treat spinning or deviation of the feet of children: used to prevent future complications
  • and there are also shoes to provide comfort Necessary in the stage of deformities and orthopedic accidents in the foot 

Contact us to learn more about medical shoes that fit your case, we provide you with the best raw materials, our specialized experts ensure the comfort of your foot.

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