Medical Silicone for feet pain relif

Medical Silicone for Feet

El Fadl Medical provides you with multiple medical silicone products of high quality and the best prices in Egypt and the Arab world.

Medical silicone is one of the safest medical materials and should be available in every home because it protects, treats and provides relief from pain. Its uses have recently spread in plastic surgeries. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industries and the medical field in general. Al-Fadl Medical provides the following medical silicone products:

Silicone Full Length Insole

The Medical Silicone Full Length Insole works on the comfort of the feet from acute, light and medium pain by absorbing shocks. It also works on the comfort of the feet while walking and standing, and protects from accidents during sports activities.

Full Length Insole Price

The price of the full silicone medical Insole for the feet in Egypt ranges from 150 to 250 EGP.

فرش سيليكون كامل Silicone Full Length

Flat Foot Silicone pads

The silicone footbed for flat feet, as it corrects the position of the feet and gives a feeling of comfort while walking and standing for a long time.

The silicone footbed for flat feet is very suitable for athletes because it relieves light, heavy and medium pressure on the feet, reduces muscle fatigue and enhances blood circulation in the feet.

Silicone Arch for Flat Foot Price

The prices of medical Silicone Arch for Flat Foot range from 250 to 350 EGP.

فرش سيليكون فلات فوت  Flat Foot Silicone

Silicone Heel Cup

The silicone pad for heel pain is used for athletes and those with heel pain, heel nail and bone fork. It also protects the heel from infection with these diseases during sports activities, standing, walking and working for long periods. It is also suitable for people with osteoporosis.

The silicone gel heel pads reduce the vibration of the ankle and knee joint by distributing the pressure of the body weight evenly and it is made of high-quality materials, anti-slip and does not cause any bad smell to the feet, washable and foldable.

Soft Silicone Heel Pads Price

soft silicone heel pads Price in Egypt ranges from 100 to 200 EGP.

Silicone Heel Cup كعب القدم السيليكون

Silicone Hallux Straightener 

It is used to separate the toes and treat them (helps correct crooked toes), which greatly helps to comfort the feet.

Silicone Hallux Straightener

Bunion Shield Silicone Pads

Bunion Shield Silicone Pads helps relieve foot and toe pain and visible orthopedic pain and prevents them from rubbing against the shoe, which greatly helps relieve pain.

Bunion shield

Silicone Toe Separator 

The silicone toe spacer protects the metatarsal area from the bottom by reducing contact and friction between the toes and absorbs shock and swelling pain, also helps to correct crooked toes and pain caused by swelling of the toe.

Silicone Toe Separator

Silicone Metatarsal Pad

The metatarsal pad silicone relieves pressure and impact on the metatarsal and helps in painful conditions such as metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, bursitis, etc. It is also used inside closed shoes such as athlete’s shoes, high heels and hiking shoes and does not cause any allergies or Inflammation, thanks to its manufacture of latex-free medical silicone gel.

Silicone Metatarsal Pad وسادة مشط القدم من السيليكون

Medical Silicone Ring

The medical grade silicone rings are used to prevent friction between the toes by separating them.

Silicone Ring خاتم سيليكون للأصبع

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