Paralysis Devices

Paralysis Devices

paralysis walking devices and leg brace

The idea of paralysis and leg brace in the lower limb depends on the fact that the injured limb can not carry the patient’s body either because of muscle weakness and atrophy – as in the case of poliomyelitis – or because of a spinal cord injury, the paralysis device or paralyzed walking devices is made of 2 long braces on both sides of the injured limb, with a knee joint able to bend when sitting down, to make the body weight load is on the braces, and the ligaments connecting the two braces are made of polypropylene, or made of steel ligaments lined according to the used type, and the ligaments that hold the tip between the poles are polypropylene or strips of iron are lining depending on the type used.

Regular paralysis and lightweight fiberglass. We also have German and American paralysis systems and are equipped with precision and international technology.

Paralysis occurs due to the following factors : 

  •  Spinal cord injuries, due to accidents, sports incidents or post-surgical complications, such as (corrective surgery of vertebral column deformity).

  • Blood cysts, or tumors causing pressure on the spinal cord.

  • Poliomyelitis which is a virus that causes paralysis of the lower limb and muscle atrophy.

  • The cut of blood supply to the spinal cord, due to blood clotting in the artery that’s responsible for getting the blood to the spinal cord, which is also the source of nerve branches that are connected to the lower limb.

  • Cerebral palsy, or medical conditions caused by several reasons, some may relate to injury during childbirth.

  •  Injury of the brain at the parts responsible more the muscle movement of the lower limb, that is may be due to skull fracture, or hemorrhage (Cerebral hemisphere cause lower limb paralysis), depending on the location of hemorrhage, a different part of the body gets paralyzed, also, in cases of hypoxia, it can cause brain cell death and accordingly some kind of paralysis.

  • Cases of discs or cartilage protrusions between the vertebrae, which cause pressure on the spinal cord, in severe cases may cause drop foot and loss of urination control.

  •  The condition of Rheumatoid arthritis, it is an autoimmune disease, makes the body attacks its own joins, causing its inflammation, and the vertebrae are included.

Paralysis Foot Devices
شاهد جميع أعمالنا السابقة عن أحدث اجهزة الشلل و جهاز شلل الاطفال و الاجهزة التعويضية

in case of paralysis of the lower limbs or foot:

  • Move the patient constantly to avoid the ulcers.

  • Giving the patient a suitable treatment that increases the blood flow to avoid the occurrence of clots from the injured side.

  • Bladder discharge when urinary retention by catheterization so that the patient can control the urine again.

  • Avoid constipation where it occurs in the early days so the patient should be encouraged to eat fiber and drink plenty of fluids.
  • performing physical therapy sessions is important to avoid muscle weakness or muscle atrophy, and the exercise should be on all muscles, not just the injured ones.

Paralysis Device Consists Of:-

  1. Knee Joint And Be Either Palatal Or Swiss Lock

  2. Pillars Of Steel Or Aluminum.

  3. Collars Of Thermal Plastic (Polypropylene), Or Strips Of Iron Lining.

  4. The pelvic joint is designed with a waist belt, in case there is a special condition with the pelvis area.

  5. Ankle Joint Is Fixed Or Mobile depending on the case.

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