Pediatric Orthosis 3

Pediatric Orthosis

Al Fadl Medical offers all types of children’s medical splinters at the best prices – Splint of the hip joint, children’s medical shoe, plastic splints, splint foot.

Dennis Brown

 Dennis Brown

  • Used to correct foot rotation or foot curvature of children at an early age.
Hip Abduction Bar

Hip Abduction Bar

  • Used in cases of adhesion thighs for children, it is also used to reduce movement after the detailed operations of the pelvis
Pavlik Harness

Pavlik Harness

  • It is used in the treatment of HHD Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, which is the removal of the hip where the upper part of the thigh bone is unstable inside the hip cavity, children who suffer from DDH use these ligaments that are fastened around the legs of the child and around the shoulder and chest as shown in the figure, This is the best position to stabilize the hip as well as to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the thigh.
Pediatric Hip Abduction

Pediatric Hip Abduction

  • It is also used in the treatment of HHD but differs from the Pavlik Harness in that it is easily adjustable by staging up to 180 degrees, which is used after hip removal.
Talipes Equinovarus Shoes

 Talipes Equinovarus Shoes

  • Used to correct Foot rotation for children at an early age
C.p. Walker

C.P. Walker

  • Children with cerebral palsy who have control problems and muscle control, which affect On their ability to maintain their balance in case of standing and walking.

Standing Frame

  • Used for cases of cerebral palsy for children who can not stand used as a physical therapy.
Standing Frame

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