Al-Fadl Medical Company offers the best prices for hand prostheses to all of our customers in Egypt and the Arab world. Al-Fadl Medical is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of manufacturing artificial limbs and prosthetic devices in Egypt and the Arab world.

There Are Many Different Amputation Levels In The Hand. They Range From A Digit Or Finger Amputation, To A Metacarpal Amputation Through The Bones Of The Hand.

Why to choose Al-Fadl Medical Company ? 

Because Al-Fadl Medical Company for Prosthetics and Prosthetic Devices has a team of high and international competencies and experiences and holds German certificates accredited and qualified to work in this edifice and thus we guarantee the client to implement all his requirements with complete professionalism so that he can return to his normal life in the fastest time and the best evidence of the satisfaction of our customers in all countries Arabic.

Best prices for hand prostheses in Egypt:

Al-Fadl Medical Company for Prosthetic Devices and Prostheses offers the best prices for hand prostheses in the world with the highest quality, we offer you:

The best prices for hand prostheses and smart electronic prosthetics that work by the brain and the brain in Egypt. We do training and rehabilitation on the latest devices.

For more information about prosthetics and hand prostheses, as well as the latest offers and discounts, contact us via social media pages:

Book NOW, prostheses, artificial limbs, compensatory devices and paralysis devices by appointment.

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