Freedom Kinnex 2.0

The FREEDOM Kinnex 2.0 is a microprocessor-controlled ankle combined with a carbon fiber foot that delivers a uniquely stable and natural gait.

Regardless of whether the surface is level or inclined, even or uneven, users appreciate the stability experienced as soon as their foot touches the ground.

Flexibility is designed into the ankle’s articulation to ensure that the foot adopts the ideal position with respect to the ground. This reduces the stresses and increases user comfort levels when hiking, going for a stroll and even when sitting down.

It delivers safety and stability on slopes and uneven ground.

The world’s fastest ankle

This revolutionary performance has been made possible by Kinnex 2.0’s innovative RapidResponse™ technology. Running at 200 Hz, the microprocessors let the ankle-foot system accommodate changes in ground gradient perfectly as soon as the foot touches the ground. The broad freedom of movement provided by the ankle joint mechanism together with the integrated sensors instantly optimize the degree of stiffness to enhance the ability of the system to adapt to variations in ground gradient.

30° of ankle flexion.

Flexibility is designed into the ankle’s articulation to ensure that the foot adopts the ideal position with respect to the ground.

Dynamic locking

Dynamic locking provides firm resistance when walking and standing and also adapts to any shift in body weight. The result is a reassuringly high level of stability.

As comfortable with sandals as it with boots

The range of automatic heel height adjustment is 0 to 5 cm, which gives the user an almost unlimited choice of footwear.

Donning/doffing assist mode

When this mode is activated, the ankle is locked at the desired angle which helps the user to put on and take off footwear.

Manual locking<

This function lets the user quickly and easily lock the ankle as required for specific activities such as driving, climbing a ladder or standing for long periods. Once the locking is activated, the foot remains in a neutral 90°position.


The electronics components are water-resistant. The FREEDOM Kinnex 2.0 can be safely immersed in shallow water for 30 minutes.

  • Watertight, color-coded battery cap
  • IP67-tested electronics components for occasional immersion in water

Easier set-up and adjustment

Using the Kinnex app or the buttons on the ankle, the user can check the battery level, adjust the heel height or activate donning/doffing assist mode. The Kinnex app can also be used to access additional functionality, such as storing footwear settings and adjusting the forefoot stiffness.

The prosthetist can set up the ankle-foot system in just a few clicks using the Gait Lab app. Optimizing the alignment and resistance settings for plantar flexion and dorsiflexion and for forefoot stiffness are very simple operations using the intuitive navigation functions.

Technical features

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