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Above knee. prostheses are available from various types such as a prosthetic prosthesis, a prosthetic limb above the moving knee, an extra lateral prosthesis on the knee with a movable knee and a dynamic motion foot made of carbon fiber. 

Many different types of sockets and knee types Such as microprocessor, electronic, hydraulic, dynamic and static. As for industries, there are artificial limbs from different countries of origin at different prices and quality, such as industrial limbs Germany, Turkey, Russia, America, China, and Egypt. We provide you with specialists who have authenticated german certificates to help you choose the most suitable prosthesis based on your condition.

The artificial limb above the knee consists of the following:

  • Outer Socket (hollow part of amputation) Plastic Resin or Carbon Fiber.
  • The knee is either a lock (fixed with the possibility of bending when sitting) or free movement or hydraulics.
  • the suitable foot size for each customer is of many types.
    • Fixed foot SACH (Solid Ankle Cushion Heel).
    • Feet moving uniaxial (single axis)
    • The dynamic foot is characterized by a higher degree of flexibility, and easier gate during movement.
    • The multi-axial carbon foot is characterized by shock absorbers and the flexibility of foot movement in all directions.
  • The part between the foot and the knee.
احدث طرف صناعى المانى فوق الركبة - سوكت IC - ركبة هيدروليك - الاطراف الصناعية حياة طبيعية
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انواع الاطراف الصناعية فوق الركبة الالمانى تيتانيوم - الفرق بين الركبة العادية و التيتانيوم
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الاطراف الصناعية فوق الركبة الهيدروليك احدث الاجهزة التعويضية المختلفة و الفرق بينهم
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احدث انواع الاطراف الصناعية فوق الركبة الالمانية - انواع الركبة المتحركة و الثابتة - الفضل ميديكال
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شاهد افضل سوكت للطرف الصناعى الذكي الالمانى - يمكنك الان لعب الكرة بحرية تامة - الفضل ميديكال مصر
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Instructions and Tips After Amputation:

  • Immediately after amputation, the wound and bandage should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid  swelling of the amputation.
  • don’t give up or get frustrated, but try to get on moving and use the different means to help you get up, such as crisps and walkers, till you become able to use the artificial limb.
  • Gently massage the place of amputation -- this will help you become familiar with the sensation of your new leg.
  • Do not sit for a long time and your leg is down, but you should lift your leg at a horizontal level at rest.
  • you must learn how to change your own dressing yourself.
  • you should do exercises for knees and hips, in order not to get any spastic muscles.
  • Make your logo “help yourself” and don’t rely too much on others.

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