Videos of upper limb prostheses.

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Our main mission is to raise awareness for customers and our heroes to know and learn how they can cope and return to their normal life.

German hand prosthetics

Electronic prosthesis under the elbow with Autobook components – Al-Fadl Medical

The latest types of electronic prosthetics for the hand

Amputation below and above the elbow – types and industries

Electron sub-elbow limb for movable sub-elbow amputation

Modern prosthetic limbs and prosthetic devices

Sub-elbow amputation - limb below the elbow

Artificial limbs – prosthetic devices – movement supplies – medical splints

Al-Fadl for prosthetics and prosthetic devices

Electronic prosthesis under the elbow

Artificial limb under the elbow Electronic palm German Ottobock

Hand prosthetics – Al Fadl Medical 01094402330

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Videos of upper limb prostheses 17

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