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About Proteur

We’ve been focused on one goal for over 100 years: improving users’ lives.

We know that every user is different and deserves a solution that fits their life goals and expectations.

Our purpose as a group is shared by our motivated employees who are energized by a strong sense of commitment.

This energy has been directed to innovation in 3 areas of activity to innovate and develop the products and services of tomorrow in collaboration with users, healthcare professionals and university researchers.

Proteor Activities

Proteur is active in the field of custom-designed orthopedic medical devices and its operations are built around a value chain consisting of three interconnected activities set up to provide the best possible service to users.

Orten Digital Solutions: Development of software used by orthopedic and prosthetic specialists to manufacture orthopedic equipment.
Orthopedic components: design and manufacture of components needed to build orthopedic medical devices.
Network of orthopedic centers: design and manufacture of custom prosthetics and orthotics for each user.

Proteo agents around the world

Proteor exclusive power of attorney 1

Figures and Statistics

1000 employees around the world

The largest network of orthopedic centers in France

4 innovation centers in the world

130 million euros profit

Proteor Governance

Headquartered in Dijon (Burgundy – France), Proteure is a company founded by the Pierron family, which continues to represent the majority of shareholders today. In late 2020, two major French financial investors, ARDIAN Growth and BNP Paribas Développement, teamed up with the family to accelerate its international growth.

Proteur Obligations

Our testimonials

Our commitment to satisfying users and healthcare professionals has been recognized by awarding two certifications: ISO 9001 for our quality management system and ISO 13485 for our medical devices.

Sustainable development

Proteor undertakes a number of initiatives with the aim of protecting the environment.

orthopedic equipment

Every item of equipment is designed in the country where the orthopedic center is located, and 7 out of 10 are built on site by the center’s teams.

Proteor Orthopedic Ingredients

Our components are created, engineered and manufactured in our manufacturing facilities in France and the United States to enhance jobs in these countries and reduce our carbon footprint.

Proteur Extension

Proteor is increasingly using new materials that are lighter, less toxic and can be easily recycled or reused.

We’ve changed the way we package our ingredients to prioritize recycled carton solutions.

In addition to the selective sorting of recyclable waste in our industrial facilities, Proteor has put in place recycling and waste recovery measures to process the plastic parts generated by the group in order to contribute beneficially to the circular economy.

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