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WHO Are Proteor Group

Human First

The PROTEOR group was set up in Burgundy,France in 1913. Today it is the leader of P&O fitting in  and its expertise is recognized all over the world. Over 100 years after its establishment

Proteor is the leader in the French large orthopedic appliances market and has been concentrating on one simple goal for 100 years now – to help disabled people regain the independence they were deprived of by accidents, illnesses, or nature.

specializes in prosthesis, limb orthosis and spinal orthosis for the PROFESSIONALS OF THE ORTHOPEDIC FIELD.


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Country of Origin

Made in France


in 1913


900 employees, 205 CPOs

No. of Prdoucts

All Products is Upto 4000 Product

Research & Developments

Imagining tomorrow's products and services.

For PROTEOR innovation is the result of an ongoing dialogue with the patients, specialist physicians, prosthetists and orthotists, and is also due to a fruitful collaboration with university hospital centers and engineering schools. PROTEOR teams are guided by this state of mind toward a goal – to imagine differentiated products and services that constantly improve patients’ well-being PROTEOR allocates from 3 to 4% of its turnover to Research and Development. The company cooperates especially with the Biomechanics Laboratory of ENSAM – Arts et métiers ParisTech, CERAH (Center of studies and research for fitting disabled people) and the university of Burgundy – Franche Comté. After entering sport market by selling running blades and a knee adapted to sliding sports, PROTEOR devotes a part of its researches to smart prostheses and orthoses.
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Roboticom and Proteor announce their collaboration agreement

Roboticom and Proteor are enthusiastic to announce their collaboration agreement for jointly promoting their own solutions in the O&P market. Roboticom is well-known for ORTIS, the original and most installed 7-axis robotic carver, while Proteor is expanding its presence in the field with its complete and innovative ORTEN solution, specifically developed for CPOs. «We were looking for a reliable robotic carver to include in our portfolio» stated Frederic Desprez, Proteor Sales Director, «and ORTIS is the best solution we could have! We are glad to offer to our worldwide clients the best solution in orthopedics today: the best rectification software with ORTENSHAPE and the best 7-axis robot with ORTIS.» «This agreement with Proteor will allow Roboticom to reach customers who don’t have any experience with CAD/CAM systems and who are looking for a complete hardware & software solution for designing and producing their models» added Raffaele D’Achille, ORTIS Sales Manager. «The experience of Roboticom and Proteor in the orthopedic field is the basis for a reliable and successful partnership».

PROTEOR Group Becomes One of the Largest Prosthetic Providers in the World

With FTC Approval, Proteor Completes Strategic Acquisition of Freedom Innovations Assets

TEMPE, Ariz. & DIJON, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Proteor, a France-based international group specialized in prosthetic and orthotic solutions, has successfully completed its acquisition of American brand Freedom Innovations and the major part of the product portfolio from Ottobock. With this acquisition, the Proteor group is fueling its strategy to be a global leader in the international orthopaedic market. Proteor’s growth is accelerating with the addition of Freedom Innovation’s quality production, high-tech development, and well-known products: the microprocessor-controlled knee Plie3, the Kinnex and Kinterra ankles and the Agilix, DynAdapt, Sierra, Highlander and Pacifica carbon feet.

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