Spine Orthotics

Spine Orthotics

Al Fadl Medical offers a wide range of international brands for pillars, splints, spine orthotics and neck belts to treat pain, lordosis, curvature and back pain at the best prices in Egypt and the Arab world.

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When to Use Spine Orthotics?

Spine splints are used for different reasons:

Spine orthotics
Medical neck types – used to treat neck and spine pain
for prevention and after operations.

What Causes Neck Problems?

Types of Spinal Orthotics?

There are several different types of splints and they differ according to the injury.

Rigid Collar

Rigid Collar Benefits

It’s used to treat spondylitis, nerve pain or even spinal fractures.

Soft Collar

Soft Collar Benefits

Allows freedom of movement forward or backward. The neck sponge is used to rehabilitate the neck and sprained neck and to provide support for chronic neck pain, especially in the elderly.

رقبة اسفنجية Soft Collar
Philadelphia Collar

Philadelphia Collar Benefits

Used in different sports injuries and helps to hold the neck vertebrae

Philadelphia Collar
Minerva Brace

Minerva Brace Benefits

The Minerva vest cast is used to stabilize different levels of the cervical and thoracic spine.

Minerva Brace
Lumbosacral Support

Lumbosacral Support Benefits

Provides the support to keep your spinal in a position for less painful

Lumbosacral Support
Lumbosacral Brace

Lumbosacral Brace Benfits

Helps to reduce the strain on the nerve pain and helps to put less weight on the spinal muscle. The heat coming out from the brace helps to relax the muscles.

Lumbosacral Brace
Scoliosis Boston Brace

Scoliosis Boston Brace Benefits

Used to correct scoliosis and complete stabilization of the trunk. Can also be used in cases of congenital malformation of children.

Scoliosis Boston Brace
Hyperextension Brace Back

Hyperextension Brace Back Benefits

Helps to treat back slouching and Kyphosis which is when the shoulder area is too far up and forward

حزام تقويم تحدب الظهر Hyperextension Brace Back
Dorso Lumbar Support

Dorso Lumbar Support Benefits

Helps to reduce the tension in the muscles and treats herniated disc cases.

حزام مرن كامل الظهر Dorsolumbar Support
Universal Rib Belts

Universal Rib Belts Benefits

Supports the rib area in case of fractures or broken rib. Also, used after open heart surgeries.

rib belt

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by our trained professionals.

To use Spinal Orthotics and get trained to use them in your everyday life. 

Why Is Al Fadl Medical ?

Your Best Choice For Spinal Orthotics

Worldewide Brands

Best Brands

The best brands in the market for prosthetics and orthotics.

Exclusive agent


One of the leading manufacturers of high-quality prosthetics and orthotics with MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) Certified European.


After Sale ..

 High Maintenance after usage


Best Quality

We guarantee you the best quality for a reasonable price.

Exclusive agent

Best Of !

Get trained with our certified specialist to use your artificial limb. With a multi-experienced team of more than 40 years in the field of prosthetics.

Home visit


We offer a home visit to choose your best fit of prosthetics

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