Wrist, Hand and Finger Orthosis

Wrist, Hand and Finger Orthosis

Al Fadl Medical provides medical support and splints of Wrist, Hand and Finger Orthosis for treating hand pain, fingers, tears, tendonitis, and even for fractures and cracks of the bones of the hand and fingers.

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When to Use Hand Orthosis?

Hand and finger splints are used to treat tendinitis and torn ligaments. It can also be used to treat fractures in the hand.

Types of Different hand Orthosis?

There are different types of hand orthosis, depending on the pain and which case.

Wrist, Hand and Finger Orthosis
جبيرة الابهام Thumb Support

Thumb Support

Thumb splint is used for fractures of the thumb and put the thumb back in its original place.

 Mallet Finger & Finger Splint

Finger orthosis Helps to keep your finger straight and Connet the two ends of tendon in your finger to stay together and heal.

جبيرة الاصبع Mallet Finger Finger Splint

Wrist Support

It can be used for broken joints, weak joints, swollen wrists. They can also help to relieve symptoms in the wrist due to Arthritis, Wrist Tendonitis.

جبيرة الساعد Ulna Brace

Ulna Brace

In cases of Ulnar tunnel syndrome, it can cause numbness in the area, ulna brace helps to relieve that numbness.

Dynamic Hand Splint

Can be used post joint surgery stiffness to maintain the joint alignment and extension. It also provides controlled flexion.

جبيرة ديناميك لليد Dynamic Hand Splint

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