Shoulder Disarticulation

We provide you the best artificial limbs for shoulder disarticulation at the lowest cost and highest quality – Al Fadl medical company performs the installation of the artificial limbs, and prosthetic devices after the complete amputation of the arm.

 Al Fadl medical co is the No.1 company in manufacture and installation of artificial limbs and prosthetics in Egypt and the Arab world. We also offer the best prices of industrial parties in Egypt and the Arab world.

There are many types of artificial limbs for amputation of the shoulder joint. there is an artificial fixed limb that is made of medical silicon, An artificial limb for Shoulder joint amputation with an artificial hand and a limb provided with artificial intelligence tech that works through nerve signal transmission. It replaces the natural arm, which provides you freedom to do work yourself. And we will discuss its types in the following paragraph.

As for industries, there are artificial limbs from different countries of origin at different prices and quality, such as industrial limbs of the German company AUTOBOC and many prominent companies in Turkey, Russia, America, China, and Egypt. We offer you in the medical credit through specialists who have authenticated german certificates to help you choose the most suitable prosthesis based on your condition.

Artificial limbs for amputation of the shoulder joint consist of:

  • Socket (hollow part for amputation) Plastic Resin.
  • An artificial limb provided with an arm, and it moves either mechanically or electronically.
  • A suitable palm is either fixed or moving by ligaments or electronically transmitted by electrical pulses or nerve signals of the human body.
  • skin colored glove
Shoulder Prosthetics And Artificial Limbs

There Are Many Different Amputation Levels In The Hand. They Range From A Digit Or Finger Amputation, To A Metacarpal Amputation Through The Bones Of The Hand.

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