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The spine consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae,5 Lumbar vertebrae, 5 Sacrum vertebrae, 4 coccyx vertebrae.

Since, problems of cervical vertebrae were solved, using the medical neck support, we are left with thoracic, lumbar and sacral problems! Which often occurs due to muscle rapture or fatigue, the reason can be originally a small muscle rapture, or ligament rapture as a result of the sudden movement, or lifting heavy weights, a person not always remember the cause of the incident.

العمود الفقري

First medical neck

  • The neck is the most active part of the spine. It carries 15% of body weight, but it is less protected than the rest of the spine to give us greater movement. Neck pain is due to the following factors:
  • Wrong habits such as sleeping on the abdomen or sleeping on a pillow do not keep the natural curvature of the neck in good shape or sleeping on a set of high pillows.
  • Continuous stress of the neck and constant sitting for long hours on the desk, computer or drive.
  • the stiffness of the cervical vertebrae The stiffness occurs as a result of normal aging with post-fifties and carrying heavy objects.
  • As a result of an accident.

Rigid Collar

  • it is used to support the cervical vertebrae to relieve stress and there is a chin type to stabilize the neck well

Soft Collar

  • Used to relieve neck pain.

 Philadelphia Collar

  • A soft neck that does not cause suffocation and is used for long periods.

Minerva Brace

  • It is used to maintain straightening and stabilization of the cervical vertebrae with the thoracic vertebrae. with the fixation of the head fully stabilized and used for critical cases and after surgery in cervical vertebrae.

Splints and backbone belts and medical back


Lumbosacral Support

  • A flexible belt, provided with supporting strips for Lumbar and Sacral vertebrae

Lumbosacral Brace

  • A rigid belt for the lumbar and sacral vertebrae.

Dorso Lumbar Support

  • A flexible strap along the back vertebrae is supported by longitudinal strips.

 Dorsolumbar Brace

  • Rigid long strap supporting the whole vertebral column.

Universal Rib Belt

  • It is used for rib fractures and is also used after open heart surgery.

Scoliosis Boston Brace

  • it is used to correct spinal lordosis and it completely fixes the trunk, and used for cases of congenital deformities of children as it is used for aging and osteoporosis.

Hyperextension Brace Back

  • It is used to treat back bronchitis and curvature (Kyphosis), which is an increase of arcing back forward in the area under the shoulders so that the curve is very visible.

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