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Upper limb prostheses vary depending on the location of the amputation. There are artificial limbs of the hand, artificial limbs to beautify the amputated fingers, and artificial limbs under and above the elbow.

There are also fixed compensatory devices for cosmetic only and there are mobile and smart, which work through the brain using nerve signals and as an example of a compensatory device from the company Otto Bock Germany. As for the industries, there are many countries manufactured for the upper artificial limbs of different countries at different prices and quality, such as the German company AUTOBOC for prostheses and prostheses and also companies from Germany, Turkey, Russia, America, Taiwan, China, and Egypt. We provide you with specialists who have authenticated german certificates to help you choose the most suitable prosthesis based on your condition.

Upper artificial limbs vary depending on where the amputation is found:

  • Amputation of the hand and finger – partial amputation in the palm of the hand.
  • Amputation under the elbow – artificial limbs under the elbow.
  • Amputation above the elbow – prosthetic limbs above the elbow.
  • Amputation of the shoulder joint – artificial limbs of the shoulder joint.
الاطراف الصناعية لليد
جوانتى سيليكون تجميلي لبتر اليد و الاصابع

Instructions and tips after amputation in upper limbs:

  • Immediately after amputation, the wound and bandage should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid swelling – swelling of the amputation.
  • Do not give in to despair and frustration and sit on the chair or bed, but move and even use the prosthesis.
  • Gently massage the amputation place – this will help you become familiar with the sensation of the limb.
  • You should learn how to keep the place of amputation on your own.
  • You should do joint exercises so that your muscles do not titillate.
  • Finally do not rely too much on others and make your own logo help yourself.

    There Are Many Different Amputation Levels In The Hand. They Range From A Digit Or Finger Amputation, To A Metacarpal Amputation Through The Bones Of The Hand.

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