Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis

Artificial limbs and partial hand prosthesis

 Al Fadl offers a wide range of the best artificial limbs for partial hand prosthesis and Prosthetic Fingers in the Egyptian market for clients including the famous French brand PROTEOR for prosthetics and orthotics.

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What Causes Partial Hand and Fingers Amputation?

prosthetic hand prices

We offer wide range of global brands of hand prosthesis like:

the range prosthetic hand prices in Egypt are from 14000 to 200000 EGP.

اطراف صناعية لليد والاصابع

Artificial limbs for hand and fingers made of:

  • For the amputated fingers, cosmetic hand prosthesis (Glove) made of silicon similar in color of the skin.
  • or advanced prosthetic hands that can move, with the best natural look, having the possibility of use for normal daily functions such as eating, drinking, bathing and even writing in some types of artificial limbs.

Artificial limbs for the hand

A prosthetic hand, an electronic ottobock – the modern smart artificial limbs 2021.

What Are the Factors That Determine Which Partial Hand Prosthesis Type to Use?


Place Of Amputation

The amputation area must be healed until a prosthesis can be fitted, and it usually takes between 10 days for the amputation to take place.



Age is an important factor in determining the prosthetic limb, usually it starts from 4 years old.

Partial Hand Prosthesis – Prosthetic Fingers 6


The weight should not exceed 110kg as it can affect you badly when using the artificial limb. Weight is only considered for lower artificial limbs.

Partial Hand Prosthesis – Prosthetic Fingers 8

Prosthetic type

You can choose from two types of prosthetics, either fixed or electronic, but not every area has the option of two types.



One of the important factors in determining whether you can get a prosthetic or not is to have the ability and desire for having one and if you’re trained enough to be able to use one or not.

At Al Fadl Medical, you are trained by our trained professionals.

To use artificial limbs and get trained to use them in your everyday life. 

Explanation of caring for the place of amputation from Al-Fadl Medical

What You Need!

What Do You Need to Do After Shoulder Distraction Amputation?

Immediately after amputation, the wound should be covered with a compressive belt to avoid swelling of the amputation.

You should wash the area at least once a day and more frequently in hot weather.

Gently massage the place of amputation – this will help you become familiar with the sensation of an artificial limb.

You should be able to teach yourself how to change your own dressing.

You should do exercises for the area, so you don’t strain your muscles.

Why Is Al Fadl Medical ?

Your Best Choice for Shoulder Distraction Prosthetics.

Worldewide Brands

Best Brands

The best brands in the market for prosthetics and orthotics.

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One of the leading manufacturers of high-quality prosthetics and orthotics with MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) Certified European.


After Sale ..

 High Maintenance after usage


Best Quality

We guarantee you the best quality for a reasonable price.

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Best Of !

Get trained with our certified specialist to use your artificial limb. With a multi-experienced team of more than 40 years in the field of prosthetics.

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We offer a home visit to choose your best fit of prosthetics

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