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Power Wheelchairs

Al-Fadl Medical Company provides the best brands of electric power wheelchairs. The chair contains a control device to help the patient Move easily. It also we have best standing wheelchair for amputees that have the ability to make the patient stand without assistance from anyone and is used in cases of disability resulting from cerebral palsy or paralysis in the legs.

The chair is manufactured with high-quality materials, and is designed in a streamlined manner to ensure the ease of movement of the patient safely and steadily when moving at high speeds and when moving through even and uneven roads. It also contains a chair with a padded seat to provide comfort to the patient while sitting.

Specifications and benefits of electric wheelchair

  • Durable and stainless.
  • Powerful 450 watt motor.
  • It contains 2 batteries with a capacity of 24 volts – 60 amps.
  • Its rear wheels are 14 inches.
  • It has two side helpers.
  • Withstands weight up to 160 kg.
  • Its maximum forward speed is 12 kilometers per hour.
  • Its maximum rear speed is 3 kilometers per hour.
  • Its wheels are strong and do not need to be inflated, 14 inches.
كرسى متحرك كهرباء بخاصية الوقوف-standing wheelchair - مارس حياتك و اعمالك بحرية
An electric wheelchair with a standing wheelchair – practice your life and work freely

Types of Electric Power Wheelchairs

  • Normal Power wheelchair.
  • standing wheelchair for amputees.

Power Wheelchairs Price

The prices of electric wheelchairs in Egypt range according to the materials, the brand, and their capabilities, and may start from 7000 to 30000 EGP.

كرسى متحرك كهرباء تايواني 2021 مع الضمان و بأقل سعر- الفضل ميديكال - mobility comfort
Electric wheelchair for the disabled Taiwan 2021 with warranty and lowest price – Mobility Comfort-

We receive all your inquiries regarding our types of Electric Power Wheelchairs that are characterized by European quality and competitive price, we are working to provide you with comfort at every step.

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