Al Fadl Medical provides medical support and splints for a wide variety of hand and finger splints for treating hand pain, fingers, tears, tendonitis, and even for fractures and cracks of the bones of the hand and fingers.

thumb support

Thumb Support

  • It is used to reduce the movement of the thumb in cases of injury or fractures.

  •  Wrist & Thumb Support Used as a thumb support for the wrist.

mallet finger

Mallet Finger & Finger Splint

  • Used to fix the finger in cases of injury and fractures ..

cock up splint

Cock Up Splint

  • Used for fractures, inflammation of the joints of the hand, wrist and fingers, and fixing fingers of the hand.

wrist support

Wrist Support

  • Used as a wrist brace for injury and fractures.

dynamic splint

Dynamic Hand Splint

Used for:

  • Exercises to improve the movement of the fingers.

  • Strengthen and improve the functional performance of the fingers.

  • Helps extend and flex the fingers.

  • Tension of the nerves of the hand by stimulating the nerves to relieve the symptoms of pain and injury.

ulna brace

Ulna Brace

  • Used in cases of fractures in the forearm.

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