أطراف صناعية للبتر من مفصل الكتف

Shoulder Disarticulation Prosthesis

Rest assured with Al Fadl medical we care about helping you to make your life easier.For inquiries or booking please call us on 01094402330 – 01000279354Or click the WhatsApp icon on the screen.

partial hand prosthesis

Partial Hand Prosthesis – Prosthetic Fingers

What Causes Partial Hand and Fingers Amputation? Micro blood clot in the hand or finger Poor blood flow to the hand or finger Infection in the hand which lead to the hand or fingers amputation What Are the Factors That Determine Which Partial Hand Prosthesis Type to Use? Place of Amputation: The amputation area must

Knee Amputation

We offer you the best types of artificial limbs for amputation at the knee joint with the best quality and prices – is the No.1 company in the manufacture and the installation of artificial limbs and prosthetic devices in Egypt and the Arab world. Prices of artificial limbs for amputation from the level of the

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