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Walking Aids

Al-Fadl Medical Company offers you the latest movement aids to help the injured person to walk and move freely without the need to help others with the best materials and prices.

Movement aids are used after surgery or for the elderly or people with diseases that restrict them from moving freely and are also useful in cases of leg weakness, fractures and diseases that affect the leg as they provide support so that they can walk freely again and help stability and balance during movement.

Features and benefits of Walking Aids

  • Their prices are lower than other alternatives available in these cases.
  • Provides stability and support for people who have temporary or permanent problems with one leg or foot.
  • Helps to train users of paralysis devices and prosthetics to use the devices for the first time.
  • Supports the movement of the elderly and people with diabetes or sciatica and provides them with better movement.

Types of Walking Aids

There are many types of movement aids such as crutches, walkers and wheelchairs.

First: The Crutches

Use crutches for those who suffer from weakness or injuries of the locomotor system such as the elderly and people with as a result of accidents, but are also used for training for those who use prosthetic devices, and Paralysis for the first time.

Al-Fadl company provides many types of medical crutches at the best prices, such as:

elbow crutches: Provides optimal support while moving by resting on the hand and arm
shoulder crutches: It is ideal in cases of weak armpits, so you can lean on the armpit
T-crutches: There are several types that help the elderly and people with one leg to move


Second: Medical Walkers

A medical walker is suitable for the elderly, as it is a better choice than crutches, especially in cases of weak legs, because it provides greater support.

Medical walkers are used in the phases of physical therapy after surgery or for the elderly, and also in the recovery period from blood clots that may affect the movement centers in the limbs or the brain.

Available types of medical walkers such as:

  • standard walker
  • wheeled walker
  • floodable walker
  • floodable wheel walker
  • elbow walker
المشايات الطبية
المشايات الطبية

We receive all your inquiries regarding our types of movement aids that are characterized by European quality and competitive price, we are working to provide you with comfort at every step.

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